Look We Love: Contrast in a home

I believe that black and white mix with gold or wood is just elegant. This combination makes a home pop. You really can’t go wrong with timeless luxury. Coco Chanel stated “Black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is perfect harmony”. Best way to create a beautiful classic space with neutrals is to mix black, white, gold and wood. Room you will create will have drama, power, elegance and sophistication. Gold will add luxe, wood will warm the space up and white will soften everything up.

Now let’s get inspired with these incredible spaces:










Warm spaces put guests at ease. The contrast creates drama. The wood element on the floor, countertop and shelves warm this kitchen. From All Ready Blog

Who doesn’t love luxury? Invest in one good piece in your space for a luxury feel. The gold bookcase add luxe. From Christine Dovey

image                    Best way to add texture into a space is to invest in a beautiful good rug. The zebra rug adds     character.  From A touch of Luxe


You don’t have to make big expenses to include “gold” into the space. Little gold accessories will give you a sophistication effect as seen on this picture. Wood floors and gold accessories add sophistication. From Confetti and Stripes Blog


This pace has wood floors, beautiful gold accessories, and the” the contrast in a home ” effect. Wood floors, gold picture frame and other accessories add elegance.  From Belle Maison

Thank you for stopping by and reading. Stay Fancy and come back again.




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