5 Steps to Love Your Home Again

Feeling restless in your space? Is your space sucking life out of you? These five tricks will turn your house into a home. Let’s get started

1. Declutter your space



Don’t under estimate the power of a clean space. It can be therapeutic! You will feel more relaxed in a clean space. From FBPICS

2. Personalize your space


Your space will be more enjoyable when you add things that you love. The picture above looks comfy. Beautiful art work collections covers the wall. From Room Ideas

3. Accentuate your home focal point. If the home doesn’t have a focal point, create one.

My Decorative

My Decorative

A focal point in a space can calm those nerves And put you at ease. From My Devorative

4. Bring nature into the space or burn a good candle

Beauty moves me

Beauty moves me

You can find retreat in your home when it has nature elements. From Beauty Moves Me

5. When you done all the above, invite a friend over

Design love Fest

Design love Fest

A friend will uplift your energy with great laughs and good conversations. What an encouragement to be surrounded with people that inspire you. From Design Love Fest.


– Judith



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