5 Wonderful Gestures To Make Your Holiday Merry

I am amazed on how we take little things for granted. Holiday seasons is when I look forward to spoil my families and friends with gifts and my presence. While together, we create new memories and share great laughs. But what about the people I see or meet on the street? A little nice gesture will not hurt to make their day merry. Let’s get started


Beautiful smiles on the streets. From Fresh Walk Street

1. Greet someone, anybody today with a warm smile. A little smile is contagious and can make someone’s day. From Inspyr

2. Donate your time supporting a good cause. Check out some benefits of volunteer work. 

3. Say kind words. Appreciate people and their kind gestures. More selfless actions will make you happy.

4. Donate unused things in your home. Someone else will cherish your goodies and give them values.

5. Compliment someone. A sincere words of encouragement could empower someone today.


Sometimes we must give without expecting anything back. Try this, it creates a sense of JOY.







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