Natural Fragrance In Your Home: Simmer Pot Recipe

Home fragrance can make you hate or love your home. When time permits, I retire in the kitchen to make some great meals. Every time, I improvise. I find that winging things in the kitchen make the activity more fun. Recipes’lovers don’t hate but I don’t like following recipes by the letter.  I love to make deliciously tasty food. I love fish but detest the after smell. As long as I can remember, my mama taught me to boil water and vinegar to eliminate the fish after smell in the space. I’m always amazed at how this water/vinegar simmer neutralize smells.



Photo Source

I enjoy the aroma of lemon in the space. I simmer slices of lemon in water. It smells wonderful. I couldn’t get over this wonderful fragrance until I discoverd  new home fragrances on Little House On The Valley. Her cinnamon vanilla orange recipe awakes my sinuses. Check it out and greet your guests with this natural fragrance:


Cinnamon Vanilla Orange recipe by Little House On the Valley

2 cinnamon sticks

3-4 drops of vanilla

Orange peels (I use lemon peels )



– Judith


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