3 Easy Ways to Add Red Accents In Any Space

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

The past few weeks were so hectic. Lots of changes in my routines, I went from finishing a maternity leave to a part time job, then full time. Changes happened so quick. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the job but it didn’t pay so well.  I accepted the pay and the job just because it offered some flexibility. In addition, my efforts were going to help a family friend. I joyfully embraced the small clinic’s life. It was great for a moment until my child lost her spot at the home daycare. I couldn’t keep up with the blogging, whether or not you have a child under your care, we all know about child care’s dilemmas. I had to step out and make a decision. So you have it, life is not always so rosy. Lessons learned, when in this situation, keep calm, analyze the facts, and make a decision.

Now let’s explore decor things. Since Valentine’s Day  equates to red, I wanted to show you rooms that can raise your energy level and create some excitement. All you need in any space is a splash of accent hue. Enjoy!!


Create a great first impression on your entrance. Raise the energy level with your front door. These doors are so inviting, I’m curious to see the decor inside this home. From Pinterest.

Add a splash of colour in your dining space with accent pieces. Red chairs are great in a dining area. From Pinterest 


Consider red accents in your living area. Select a sofa or settee that makes a bold and strong statement. From Pinterest.


Thank you for stopping by. Stay Fancy and come back again!





  1. Yes life is so hectic with kids! I’m trying to find dark grey curtains right now. I keep buying some and then hanging them and then returning them to the store! Have a good Valentines day with your family. Sally.

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    1. I agree with you Sally. May be you haven’t find the right dark shade yet. Explore the option of going to the fabric store like fabricland to select the right shade of grey. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too and your loved ones.


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