3 Stylish Things To Do with your Nonworking Fireplace

Hello Lovelies,

Do you or someone you know has a fireplace that doesn’t work? Working Fireplaces are great focal point in a home, they add a character. If you are like my parents and you rarely use your fireplace, I will show you how you can spruce up your unused fireplace with some decorations. This quick decor fix will facelift your space. Yes, you can make your so not functional space functional. I got inspired by Apartment Therapy, 12 ideas for non working fireplace, to provide you with these three stylish inspirations. Take a look.


Texture  adds a character in the space. How lovely is the statue in this space? So unexpected, but it works. From Cool Home Decoration.


Sophisticated fireplace, this space screams luxury. I love the dark tones mix with metals and purple flowers. This non working fireplace is making a statement.From Style Blog UK 


Paint your fireplace in unexpected patterns. Or better, use washi tapes to transform your unused space. from Desire to Inspire

Thank you for reading, stay Fancy and come back again!





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