Check out All these Exciting Things Behind Fancy Lacy

Hello Lovelies,

It is update time and I wanted to say:


Thank you for reading Fancy Lacy posts, following me via email and Facebook. It has been great blogging for the past few months. Beautiful amazing things are in store for Fancy Lacy. I’m now trying to bring in the blog new voices and ideas. Be ready to meet a team of talented, creative and  opinionated individuals. Don’t miss their posts. Behind the scene, while customizing the blog, I got stuck. The expert’s team is coming to my rescue, I hire GreenBanana to add some aesthetic features. I can’t wait to share the finish look with you. Don’t get too excited though, It is only something small.

Are you also interested in contributing to Fancy Lacy? Contact me at, I will love to hear from you. Stay tuned!

Your support and feedback at my spoonflower shop filled my heart with gratitude. I can’t find enough word to express my gratitude for your  support on Zazie Collection ‘Anonyme’.

Screen Shot 2015 PM

Thank you so much for reading, stay Fancy and Come back again!





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