Exotic Collections: Awake Your Style With African Mud Cloth

I have a soft spot for many things. Most times, I keep this as my little secret. This secret gets me in “lala land”. Seriously, I know this may sound a bit cliche but when I see exotic things, I go  “oh la la!” I Love exotic things, not just because of my origins (side eyes). But really, I admire handmade things because of the labour of love that is put into them, their uniqueness, the hard work, and every little details that come out of it.  I want to present you a series of “My Exotic Collections” for interiors as inspiration posts. First in my list is Mud Cloth. Be inspired.


The Mud Cloth is used as a throw. It is very unique and crisp in this space. The white lines/patterns are in harmony with the neutral palette in this room. From Elle Decor.


The African fabric is used to upholster this chair. This space looks eclectic with the mixture of beautful patterns. From The Lovely Lifestyle.


And there was a Mud Cloth Pillow. Bright hue chair with this pillow works so well together. From Pinterst.


Mud cloth on floors. It adds a character. From Design Files


Prettify your tables. The last two picture here, black and white Mud Cloth are used as table runners. Basically, there is no limitation when it comes to using the Mud Cloth. From Ruffle Blog.


– Judith




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